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Meet Puerto’s Pavers LLC: Crafting Your Outdoor Dreams Since 1998

In the heart of the Jersey Shore, Puerto’s Pavers LLC was founded in 1998 by Albino Puerto, a visionary who honed his craft alongside the region’s finest hardscapers and landscapers. Over the years, our mission has remained steadfast through highs and lows: transforming outdoor living spaces into breathtaking retreats for Jersey Shore residents. His commitment extends beyond landscapes, deeply rooted in family values and hard work, traits he’s proudly passed on to his children—a distinguished Marine Corps veteran, a dedicated police officer, a skilled court interpreter, and a medical professional battling cancer. When he’s not sculpting the perfect outdoor setting, Albino cherishes moments with his wife of 36 years and their grandchildren. Join us at Puerto’s Pavers LLC, where we turn your outdoor aspirations into lasting legacies.

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